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My name is David Midgley and I'm a web designer. These days, I also work full-time as a professional scriptwriter and technical designer for videogames. In my video games career, I've worked for Free Radical Design, Ubisoft, Chillingo, Sony, Zindagi, Rotor Games, and Certain Affinity. You can check out my games writing presence at David Midgley, games writer.

In my own time I'm a co-founder of Zone In, an exciting web startup now live at zone.in. If you want to know what's on in London or what's on in Austin that's the place to check! I'm also building a site as technical lead designer for a new startup in the garments business. I also have web clients whose sites I regularly update.

What's in a website?

A website is a statement about who you are — and once you launch, it's out there for the world to see. How much you care about your website should depend on how much you care about what people think of you or your business.

Bespoke, Bold, Beautiful

What's Design?

Professional web design isn't just constructing a pretty page. It's important that the content is well-structured and the navigation and interface is user-friendly. The only way to achieve this is by iterating over designs, communicating and discussing them, until you nail the right look and feel.

As designers across all fields know, planning will only get you so far — after that, improving the product comes down to testing, exploration, play, and iteration.

Web designers are more than just code monkeys: their more valuable competency is exploring and developing the usability flow of a site, basing that evolution upon the needs of real users in a variety of situations.

Grab a Lifeline

If this is sounding more and more like a can of worms you're afraid to open, do yourself a favor and send me an email. I'll offer you some advice on what you're trying to achieve.

James Hurley, Opera / Theatre Director
Developing an online presence

The best websites grow along with you, becoming more prominent online as time passes, and your content and web presence expands and becomes richer. If you invest your time and energy in your website, it will become a rewarding and self-sustaining entity.

What versus How

Robbie Nock, Professional Photographer These days, the value of professional web design experience is not knowing what to do, it's knowing how and why. You might know you could use Wordpress to run a blog. But can you create a blog that combines a great visual design with engaging subject matter, that handles the technical requirements of users, browsers and mobile devices, and provides the custom features you want to emphasise?

Do yourself a favor and consider employing a professional to take the guesswork, confusion and hassle out of improving or developing your site. I have in-depth experience with Wordpress custom sites as well as totally bespoke PHP+MySQL and Ruby-on-Rails web coding.

Please see my portfolio, professional web design articles, and services pages for more information.

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