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Fish 4 Biz, a local company search engine, a search engine for local companies

A redevelopment of the internal workings of the site, including an overhaul of the database system, search algorithm, user interface elements, AJAX automatic search suggestions and Google Maps integration.
Kroll McGovern Construction, Construction Company Seattle Kroll McGovern Construction, Seattle

A complete site design for this construction company in Seattle using the Authos Content Management System.
Crescent Films, a TV production company Crescent Films, a TV production company

SEO work to bring Crescent Films more visibility on Google and other search engines, along with general site maintenance and improvement upon the existing CMS interface (as implemented originally by another web designer). James Hurley, Opera / Theate Director

It was important to provide a coherent and stylish interface to James Hurley's website. Since an online presence to demonstrate past and previous work was required, James and I looked into ways to keep the format concise and attractive while conveying a lot of information including extensive use of galleries and video. The result: a compact, simple and effective site that presents James's skills and experience as directly as possible. Robbie Nock, Professional Photographer

I designed Robbie Nock's website with a simple brief: make it out of HTML instead of Flash (more typical for photography sites), to keep Robbie's website properly indexable by search engines — but maintain the ease of use, simplicity and attractiveness of the typical Flash-based portfolio sites. By doing the site in HTML, I was also able to create a content management system for Robbie to reorganise his own photographs and galleries whenever he wanted. David Howarth, MP for Cambridge

Designing David Howarth, MP's website was the original impetus for the creation of the Authos Content Management System. As well as providing Mr. Howarth's office with the ability to add news articles, index RSS feeds from the Liberal Democrat central website, and note upcoming events, Authos has fully customizable styles and can interpret PHP code so that programmable additions can be made for individual sites. Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital

I designed the website for The Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Royal Brompton Hospital, London and National Heart and Lung Institute (Imperial College). It contains extensive DHTML ('Dynamic HTML') which, unusually for a departmental website of its kind, both takes advantage of the many utility-enhancing web technologies available (pop-down menus; expand/contract site sections; online contact page) while also converting gracefully into accessibility browsers or degrading gracefully for browsers without JavaScript or other DHTML capabilities.

This site provides information and booking facilities for two holiday houses situated near Lucca in Tuscany. I worked extensively with the client via email in order to perfect the look and feel of the site. The site's attractive sliding menu is built with Flash. I computerised and optimised the photo library with Photoshop, and designed custom gallery and photo-display code for the website. CLAPA GOS

CLAPA GOS is the Great Ormond Street branch of The Cleft Lip and Palate Association, a UK charity. I fixed some of the old code on this site, updated the look and structure, designed an improved navigation system, proofed the content and added a feature for emailing committee members directly from the site using a PHP web form.

Archived Websites
Below are websites which are no longer operational: they have been archived for you to see. Pear Tree Cottage, in the Cotswolds

Pear Tree Cottage's website was designed as a static website based on one of the templates used in the Authos Content Management System. The site has been designed for simplicity and cleanness of layout, and has information about the cottage as well as a 'contact us' form and a printable booking form. The Newt

I developed this New College, Oxford newspaper's website in its entirety, including a content management system which allowed the editorial team to create new articles and sections, include pictures and code, and archive an edition at the click of a button. The CMS also orders articles, interprets formatting commands, can search articles, produce headline-graphics on the fly, and is password-protected, and includes MySQL database functionality which enables the messageboard and users-list features that we were later asked to add to the site. The archive of the original site is here. Crystal Cove Capital

Designed this Merchant Banking company's website based on an original template-design that was slow, unwieldy and difficult to edit, replacing it with a fast site that used dynamic code to order lists of transactions, and came with a web-based administration panel. We recreated the previous graphical look with our own tools, at the request of the client.
theolivebranch The Olive Branch: Take a Break in Rural Tuscany!

Designed the website for The Olive Branch by combining the existing publicity — a print flyer the client provided — with a clean, simple design that visually complemented it, including muted pastel colours to highlight the bucolic nature of the getaway, and allow the vibrant photographs of Tuscany to shine. Voyager Books

Provided consultation for this imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, producing documents with recommendations on search engine optimization, interactivity options, code management, content management and audience targeting.

We regret that an archived version of this site is unavailable for viewing.
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