Authos Content Management System
Our new content management system. As you can see from the footer, this website operates under Authos.

Authos features include:
  • easy web-based content updating from anywhere
  • simple, intuitive, well-documented interface
  • minimal HTML knowledge required!
  • date-sorted database of news/blog articles/updates, with users database and commenting
  • event diary feature
  • live RSS feeds display and creation
  • fully customizable styles
  • built-in customisable image galleries
  • navbar can be side-of-page or drop-down, with multiple pop-down/sideways menus for complex sites — all by checking a box!
  • we can add custom code where you require additional special features for your website

Getting it running

We'll install Authos on your webspace, and design the initial look and structure of your website for you. From then on you can update your own website using the Content Management System, and of course contact us at any time with queries or requests for additional features or content updates on your behalf.

Please get in touch for further details about Authos packages.
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